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From the world of bearings to the world of mechanic

The company "Autoshtamp" was created in February 1991 by the team of the like-minded persons consisting mainly of the designers of the automatic rotor lines department of the 3d Saratov State Bearing Plant. The enterprise was establishes as the design bureau. The word "Autoshtamp" is formed from the word combination "automatic stamping".

Primarily the company deals only with the designing developments. Then it mastered the start-and-adjusting works, after what it manufactured with the rented equipment the bearings which were not produced by the 3d Saratov State Bearing Plant.

In difficult times after the collapse of USSR, "Autoshtamp" was the first who found out the new ways of sales of the 3d Saratov State Bearing Plant's product via the new distribution channels. In 90's the nets of affiliated branches were created all over Russia and in 5 CIS countries, and "Autoshtamp" became the dealer of almost all bearing plants of CIS and SKF.

In the offsetting-of-debts period such types of activity as construction, transport service and some others came into existence, but the main type of activity was and is the bearing sales.

Nowadays the company acquired the modern appearance, but the availa-bility of the "old" designers made it possible to become a company creating and offering the knowledge. Particularly with the help of the company SKF it creates the bearing unites service technical centre.

For the years of its activity the company succeeded in establishing the comprehensive technical and informative base. During this period of time "Autoshtamp" continued constructing the central office, service centres, production base in the estate Berezina River with the railway approach lines, health camp and some others.

The company and its employees always take part in social and political life of the country. All the time Makarov Sergei has been the leader of the company; he used to be the Deputy of the national assembly of Saratov Municipal Council, the Deputy of Saratov Regional Duma, the secretary of political council of the local "United Russia" party department of Zavodskoy district, the representative of Saratov Land Union. From the date of the company establishment the social and political weekly newspaper "Land Union Review " came into existence. Active political and social position of the company's employees is not random: it is the concerns about children and grandchildren.

Nowadays the company continues to master the new commodity groups both with the help of the company SKF and with its own forces under the slogan: "From the world of bearings to the world of mechanic".

The company "Autoshtamp" consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Manufacturing distribution offering the delivery service of home and imported bearings, cups, belts and other products for the industrial transmission; items for the technical service of the bearing units; devices and services of diagnostic and monitoring; lubricating materials and others;
  • Automobile distribution, represented by the trade-service centres of "Autoshtamp" "World of Mechanic" and offering the delivery service of automobile tires, webs, oils, accumulators, spark plugs and the services of tire fitting, wheel balancing on the imported equipment;
  • Subdivision of Internet technology presents its own developed information and reference system "Mechanic-Info" (electronic catalogues of the data bases of bearings and mechanical rubber items);
  • Realty management which provides service to "Autoshtamp" and leases the free areas. Total area of the trading office and warehouses is 7 000 m2.

Mission: Сreating the WORLD OF MECHANIC by the way of providing the customers with goods and services in the range of engineering decisions basing upon our knowledge and values.

Our slogan: Authenticity in the world of movements® "Autoshtamp" offers engineering decisions basing on the professional knowledge and the world experience in the range of antifriction bearings, rotary units, tires seals as well as services for product delivery, kitting-up the orders of various complexity including the issues of the input quality control of the customer's products.

One of the tasks is to render assistance to our customers in costs decline concerning the cars and equipment operation, enhancing the dependability and efficiency of manufacturing by the way of implementation of the modern developments according to the results of the customer's needs review.


  • The team of the specialists having the vast engineering and technical knowledge;
  • All structural subdivisions of the company work in on-line mode in the programme ERP-class AXAPTA (Microsoft);
  • Possibility to obtain by the customer simultaneously the products offered by the industrial and automobile distribution;
  • Policy of the continual updating and broadening of assortment;
  • Individual attitude to each customer;
  • Discount system;
  • Availability of own wholesale warehouses provided with the railway lines;
  • Delivery of the products by automobile, railway transport as well as our own transport;
  • Delivery of goods to any spot of Russia, export deliveries to the countries of the near and distant abroad, including custom clearance;
  • Possibility to generate the stocks of the product for operational and repairing needs;
  • Availability of commercial departments on the territory of Russia.

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